Need a plantation or farm map in a hurry?  We serve all small farmers in South Africa with their mapping needs.  We provide:

  • Plantation maps
  • Fire maps
  • Standing timber maps
  • Aerial photographs

We can draw up accurate maps, and determine areas (hectares) of any type of crop, including timber, sugarcane, jungle wattle and others, as well as delineate around open grassveld, conservation areas, dams, homesteads and identify primary and secondary roads. In some instances we are given GPS areas, which we are able to overlay onto or incorporate into the final map.

All we require is a farm name and title deed number and general location. It will be helpful, but not a requirement to be supplied an existing map or hand drawn delineation of compartment boundaries, accompanied by a compartment list. We will source the appropriate digital imagery of the area in question, which usually includes the most recent aerial photography (1:10 000) and a topographical map (1:50 000).

For more information kindly contact us.
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