Forest Mensuration

We do in-depth Working Plans (which includes tree samplings) for forestry companies and have been doing tree sampling enumerations for 17 years and use the Forest Inventory Planning System to calculate yields accurately. We have built up a reputation for accurately determining timber volumes for Pine, Gum and Wattle plantations. We provide:

1) A Plot Summary Report:

This report combined in one page summary format, contains information similar to that typically found on a compartment list as well as other useful information such as Average DBH; – Height, – S/ha; – Basal area; – MAI; – Volume/ha; – Volume/tree; Site index and Total Volume per compartment.

2) A Plot Volume Report:

This report displays the spread of diameters in 2cm diameter classes, the number of trees in each diameter class, the average height for trees in that compartment and other general plot information such as site index, MAI and basal area prior to utilisation, i.e. standing volume.

3) Products Report and Log Utilisation Report:

Wattle and Gum yields are expressed in a ‘Products Report’ i.e. Transmission Poles, Treated Poles, Mining Poles and Pulp.

Pine yields are contained in Sawlog Classes and Pulp.



We typically lay out circle plots (10 or 15 metre radius) and generally adopt a 1 plot per hectare philosophy and are able to sample between 25 and 45 ha per day, depending on terrain, species and stocking. If compartment areas are vague we can acquire Rectified Digital Imagery to calculate areas, without having to resort to using GPS.

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