Thank you for expressing an interest to advertise your product or service on our Website and Blog (Home page). We report on all issues relating to Green energy projects, Biomass energy, Green Living, Biochar, Biofuels and Indoor Air Pollution. We have achieved significant exposure in a relatively short period of time and will be looking to build on this growth in the months to come. Aligning with prestigious companies like yourself will enable us to do just that.

The Mission statement of Vuthisa Technologies is ‘Investigate and disseminate new and innovative green technologies to developing economies”. If this statement finds relevance with your branding and promotion objectives, kindly consider advertising on our website via a strategically placed banner or ad. We are linked to PayPal Business and generally offer the following guidelines:

Minimum advertising period is 6 months. The advertiser will be prompted every 6 months and given the opportunity to A) extend for another 6 months, B) ask that the banner be moved to a different location, or C) terminate the placement. Advertiser will be given 3 placement options namely 1) below the Header Image in the Top Feature.php 2) inside a Post or Page and lastly 3) inside the sidebar Widget.

Submit your advert in your own desired dimensions or in the standard 125 x 125 pixels format. The cost of a banner or advertising placement is $66 USD regardless of size and position and payable at the onset and renewable after six months after having considered options A), B) and C) above. Second and third ad placements are 50% ($33 USD) and 25% ($16 USD) respectively. Simply send us the artwork along with your placement directives and we will do the rest.

Please contact our Administration office through our Contact Us page for further enquiries or to arrange for the placement. Remember that you can also use VISA and MASTER CARD credit cards for all your PayPal payments. If you prefer another payment method, kindly contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.

NO AFFILIATE PROGRAMMES are allowed to advertise here, just good, wholesome, environmentally-friendly products and services.

Thank you for taking time in reading this and kindly spread the word!