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Portable Kiln Plans and ordering procedure

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Attention all international visitors! We are registered exporters and all serious enquiries will be investigated for WorldWide delivery. Please click here and send your queries through.


Shipping / Ordering Example

  • Delivery to clearing agents in Durban: $199.71 (includes crating)
  • Clearing and shipping cost from Durban port: Between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 USD depending on travel distance to destination
  • Transit Time to trans-shipment port example: Durban to Dar Es Salaam: 22 days
  • Sailings on a fortnightly basis (14 days)


“Honestly I cannot recall the last time I felt quite so inspired and excited to incorporate a technology into my life. I look forward to a more sustainable and sensible future for the youth of today, due in large part to innovators such as yourself. Respect!” – Daniel (United States)

“I have done approximately four loads to date and have recovered 24 (x50 kg) maize bags from three burns. I weighed one bag and got 13.5 kg, the fourth load is in the kiln now. I therefore get about 108 kg charcoal per burn…” – Mike (South Africa)

“Thank you very much” – Pauline (Taiwan)

“Many Thanks. Shall keep in touch. Start is being delayed by very heavy monsoon rains. Best regards” – Amal (Sri Lanka)

“All very clear and well produced…many thanks for sharing this and you’ve done a good job!” – Helen (New Zealand)

“Hi, thank you very much for the Portable kiln plans. Regards” – Lore (Norway)

“Thank you very much for the spec sheet and manual. I am still in the early stages of determining the best method and kiln that can be used in my conditions. Once I try something I will let you know. Best regards” – Christian (Trinidad and Tobago)

“Thanks, Kobus. Much appreciated” – David (Australia)

“Thank You very much” – Krzysztof (Poland)